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All of us at iTemp Dental Staffing are eager to please! We are happy when you're happy.

Or recruiting agent is a registered dental hygienist with fifteen years of hands on experience working in offices with patients on a daily basis. All of our staffing agents are experienced in the dental field right here in the valley. We interview every professional to ensure a great fit for your team. We provide the highest quality temporary and permanent dental career placement at affordable rates

The overseeing manager at iTemp Dental Staffing is a dental hygienist, and a fierce proponent of dental health, and has dedicated herself to dentistry for the past twenty years. She interviews our professionals at iTemp Dental Staffing to ensure that they've received the highest level of education in the industry. Being a dental hygienist her self you can rest assured that she knows exactly what you're looking for and your staff member will be a great fit for your office.

iTemp Dental Staffing started with a simple premise: Make available to every office personnel that fits well at the right price. At the same time, place well qualified professionals in careers they love. This same idea still drives us today. The track record we've accumulated speaks our commitment to our professionals, their families, and the offices we serve. We think you'll notice the difference immediately the first time you book with us. We'd love to hear from you today. We're so sure that we can match your office with staff that's tailored to your needs, that we'd like to offer you your first temp experience with no staff agency fee. We also offer a money back guarantee on all of our permanent placement. Please be sure to get details of our referral program.

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